CPR Committee

The SHA portal is intended to provide the resuscitation services to health care professionals who would like to become either providers of service or instructors who would like to share their experience & knowledge with the prospective providers or instructors.

Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Enabling Training Center Accreditation process online.
  • Help Training Centers to find instructors.
  • Help Trainees to find Training Centers and available batches.
  • Issuing of e-Certificates to Training Centers, Providers and Instructors.
  • Online verification of e-Certificates.
  • Users can provide online feedback on Training Centers, Instructors and Inspectors.
  • Conducting online pre and final examinations.
  • Checking availability of Instructors and appoint inspectors to prospective TC.
  • Manage the data of all people/roles in the network.
  • Reconcile the payments made by the trainees (providers & instructors).
  • Reconcile payments made by the Training Center.
  • Generating real-time statistical reports.

30 Years of CPR in Saudi Arabia